Secure your Sitefinity based website in time for Google Chrome's security deadline

Secure your Sitefinity based website in time for Google Chrome's security deadline

As part of their long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure, Google has given website owners until October 2017 to move to https or will also show the "Not secure" to users.

By Seth Cleaver • Posted

In January 2017 Google Chrome took further steps in their quest to help users browse the web safely by implementing a security icon which shows in the address bar when users are browsing a website over a HTTP connection rather than the secure HTTPs protocol. Furthermore, the words "Not secure" was added next to the icon when a page had a password or credit card fields.

As part of their long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure, Google later announced that beginning in October 2017 Chrome will also show the "Not secure" warning when users enter any data on a HTTP page, and all HTTP pages visited in the browser's Incognito mode. This includes data being entered in fields where security is perhaps not so much an issue such as search fields.

With October looming, now is the time for website publishers to ensure that their websites instill confidence by displaying the "Secure" message in the address bar for visitors in time for the security deadline. This change in Chrome's security standard is also an opportunity for digital agency's to get in touch with clients, proactively communicate the changes and work together on a plan to ensure websites are secure.

In this post we will look at how Progress Sitefinity makes implementing secure HTTPs connections for specific website pages, or alternatively the entire website, a relatively trial task for content managers, but first let's quickly look at why moving to a HTTPs connection is important.

What is HTTPS and why your site should use it

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Seth Cleaver

Seth Cleaver

Seth is the Senior Sitefinity Sales Engineer at Progress for the Asia Pacific region and has over 12 years experience in deliver content management solutions on Sitefinity.

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